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Storyboard Pro and sound

This semester I started learning how to use storyboard pro and it has been an adventure! Now I am adding sound so I can understand better the pace of my drawings. I am also using audacity to make the simple edits on the audio file. I got some great feedback this week and I am looking forward to adding them to the work. Here is a glimpse in how the workspace of the two programs looks like:

audacitystoryboard pro


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Some Color!

I would like to share the drawings close to what I think that the finished animation would look like. I hope someday I can finish it, but for now, I am focused on learning as much as I can about the boards.

Here they are:

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Work in Progress

It is hard for me to post on the internet. Even harder to post my own work and work in progress. It is not a safe space for me, it brings back a lot of insecurity and fear. Fear of the judgment and fear of the failure, of the incomplete. So most of the time I try to avoid it.

This semester it is even harder for me because I am doing something I never tried before. I am doing an adaptation of a story and storyboarding it. It feels too ambitious, too big, and there is so much so much that I don’t know about this. But it has been so amazing to learn, and as time goes by, I try to make peace with all the thing I just don’t know yet.

Here are some of the drawings I did in Storyboard Pro:

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Panels, panels everywhere!

For this semester the goal is to have 2 finished pages from the beginning of the story. Here are some of the experimentations that happened until the final first page with text! It is been really fun to make this comic and I’ve learned so much about how to study characters from different angles and how to get used to drawing them a lot.

I am using Kritta, which is a program very similar to photoshop, but it is free and have some interesting features. The first pages I used a template for this program from David Revoy and it was really helpful to start thinking about panels. When I felt more comfortable with it I created my own document with the presets that I will use to print and created the more refined versions.

comic page v01comic-page1_v002page1v003page1pagina 1 com texto

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A New Path – 10/11

During the research for my undergrad final project, I found a lot of people pointing out that the media should fit the story. And I first developed my story to be an animated short.

Here in the MFA, I intended to change the media and choose at first the book format, but as I researched an wrote it didn’t feel right. I was feeling that the media was not suited to tell this specific story. So I decided to look for other possibilities where I could tell this story the best way possible. Since I arrived comics have been calling for me, a media that I read a lot when I was little but reconnected only recently.

Since I started going to towards comic, the work has become even funnier and more expressive.

Here are some of my recent sketches and endeavors through the comic world: